We’re the Santa Cruz Libertarians

Santa Cruz County is a special place. The scenic variety in nature alone makes the whole area an incredible microcosm of beauty. The redwood trees, the beach, and the charming towns spread around the mountains and hills all make this a special place to live.

We also realize we’re affected by the world around us, including things that happen at the state and national levels. That’s why we’re organizing. We care about freedom, we care about common decency and our fellow man, and we care about issues that affect Santa Cruz County.

We are Libertarians, committed to spreading libertarian principles and getting Libertarian Party members elected to public office. We believe that maximum freedom, free choice, and an unrestrained free market can provide a higher collective standard of living than government initiatives. We believe in scaling back and eliminating predatory systems; in using the rule of law to make life easier for working people instead of taking more money out of their wallets and choices from their lives.

We’re trying to get chartered by the state Libertarian Party as the Libertarian Party of Santa Cruz County. In order to do that, we need ten dues-paying Party members to sign our startup membership list. We also need half a dozen folks willing to volunteer 5 or 6 hours a month to get some work done in a county Party position.

This isn’t too much to ask, since over 1,400 people in the county are registered to vote as Libertarians. Yes, that’s right, over 1,400. Principled Libertarians exist in our county. We need them to step forward and participate in this political party. There’s no other way that this can truly be the party of the people in Santa Cruz County.

We have specific goals we look forward to accomplishing:

  • Become chartered by December 1
  • Place Gary Johnson and Libertarian Party signs on Highway 9 for the November election
  • Have at least 2 meetings a month by January, one at each side of the county
  • Send at least one Santa Cruz delegate to the next state and national Party conventions
  • Promote a robust night life with at least one Libertarian social a month at different pubs and taverns

If you want to be part of a solid group, serve a good cause, and be part of something bigger, get in touch with us. You can contact Paul Lazaga (paul@paullazaga.org) or Zach Foster (zach.foster@lpnevada.org), or send a message to our Facebook page.

Remember, the Libertarian Party is the party of freedom, the party of principle, the party of the people.